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Article provided by: Las Vegas Rapid Detox Medical Clinic

Detox Under Anesthesia

At Rapid Detox Clinic, we work endlessly to provide the best detox under anesthesia in a safe and clean environment. Sedation detox has soared in popularity because the process eliminates the painful symptoms of withdrawal.

Addicts avoid seeking help because they fear the uncomfortable detoxification process. Medical detox procedures come highly recommended by addiction specialists with years of experience in the field.

Top Five Benefits of Opiate Detoxification Under Anesthesia

When an individual goes through the symptoms of detoxification, they face potential medical dangers. Withdrawal from alcohol and substance abuse comes with significantly unpleasant symptoms that come with unique risks.

Rapid opiate detoxification during general anesthesia is a safe procedure that monitors the needs of the patient. Please review the compiled benefits related to rapid detoxing to see if it is right for you.

  1. Avoidance of Symptoms – The most substantial benefit of detoxing under anesthesia is the avoidance of painful withdrawal symptoms. Rather than withering through the uncomfortable process, patients opt to sleep through the most overwhelming symptoms. For the majority of the detox procedure, patients remain unconscious thanks to the safe use of general anesthesia. Patients successfully skip over the most avoided part of getting back to sober living.

  2. Short Recovery Time – Rapid detox for substance abuse significantly shortens the withdrawal and detox process by days. Patients can look forward to detoxing in just a few days instead of a few weeks. The procedure only takes eight to nine hours with very little aftercare required. Once patients successfully finish the detox process, they can move on to the next steps to overcoming addiction.

  3. Safe – Detoxing from illicit substances can cause severe medical issues, and in some cases, death. Detoxing without medical guidance or assistance does not come highly recommended by addiction specialists. General anesthesia techniques have become quite common in modern medical practices. While anesthesia can introduce specific dangers for some patients, anesthesia remains relatively safe for more people.

  4. Based on Scientific Evidence – The practice of rapid opiate detox with anesthesia is based on real evidence backed by scientific proof. Through clinic studies and trials, medical experts have proven the immediate detox process is safe and effective. At Rapid Detox Clinic, we cannot promise to eliminate the painful symptoms of withdrawal entirely. However, we can promote a safe and healthy environment with medical supervision twenty-four hours a day.

  5. Mental and Physical Wellness – Patients who experience rapid detox treatments must seek counseling through our licensed staff. Transitioning into a sober lifestyle after anesthesia may cause an emotional shock or trauma. Learning how to live a life without drug use presents multiple challenges for most patients.

Speaking With a Medical Expert About Rapid Detox Treatment

Rapid Detox Clinic has extensive experience in the medical detox field. Using state of the art techniques and scientific tools, our medical team can help you take the most crucial step in changing your life forever. Please consider calling Rapid Detox Clinic to speak with a doctor about your potential options. Dial 1-800-276-7021 to get started!

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