COVID-19 Update

By Admin, October 2020

COVID-19, the virus that has struck the world going on months now and has affected each of us in a different way. At Medical Billing Connection we have implemented changes to ensure the safety of our staff and continue to do so as more information continues to come out. With most of our facilities being deemed essential, we too are considered essential. Our duties do not stop in the face of a pandemic, as long as our clients are seeing patients we will continue taking care of their insurance billing needs.

At MBC we know that times are uncertain and are constantly changing. We can assure you that at Medical Billing Connection our service will continue to be what makes us stand out from other billing companies. As this virus continues it is important that you can count on your billing team, let us be that for you!

Our office will continue to be fully functional as we continue to take care of our facilities billing needs, as well as, any other facilities that come our way. If you have a question about your insurance billing, current facility or not, do not hesitate to reach out to us. At MBC our services are created to fit the needs of the facility.

Call us today at (800) 980-4808.