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When choosing to outsource your billing the decision might be difficult and feel as if you are losing control of your facility. When in fact, by outsourcing your insurance billing you are gaining better control and understanding of your revenue. So, why should you outsource? Below we have narrowed it down to 5 reasons on why you should outsource. 

COVID-19, the virus that has struck the world going on months now and has affected each of us in a different way.

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Medical Billing News.
Conference focus through the knowledge that builds and sustains clinical excellence in treatment of addictions and co-occurring mental health disorders, as well as strategies and lots that drive organizational and service delivery excellence…..

Business Billing Strategies
with Results

Medical Billing Connection provides complete medical
billing and practice management to ensure optimal
billing and reimbursement to Providers Nationwide.

With MBC, expect great service and great results

Professional Support

Medical Billing Connection is fully staffed and has over
35 years’ experience in healthcare and billing. We are a
professional medical billing company well-versed in all
specialties. The difference is our service… Let Medical
Billing Connection make the difference for you!

MBC’s staff has years of experience in billing and
accounts receivables to ensure revenue cycle…
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DCAD 2018

The National Conference on
Addiction Disorders (NCAD) is
accepting presentation
proposals for the 2018



Management of
Your Patients

Medical Billing Connection can
manage your cash patients for
you, providing you with detailed
reports for a complete overview
of all your patients and income,
so you can better manage your



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